About Us

I often joke with others that I am one of the 12 born-and-raised Nashvillians that still live in Nashville!

I grew up on a farm in Nashville TN. Raising horses, goats and going to fairs to show our Shorthorn cattle has occupied my earlier years. I am currently managing IT in a software company which has an office in the Tampa Bay Area. When I am not pounding on the keyboard, I involve myself in renovating houses, gardening, cooking, and entertaining friends and family.

My wife Ellen was born in China, a true city girl, her interests are more into fashion & Electrical Engineering. She came to the states to research high-voltage transmission, but I really think she came here to find me and my secret BBQ recipes ?

Our Family

We love to travel together and have been to Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Vancouver... Everywhere we go, we try to stay away from hotels, staying with locals is way more interesting.

As a true southern, I would Love to connect you with your special interests. We are available to interact with you as much or as little as you like. We love our city and community, and can’t wait to share it with you and help you have a fantastic visit to Nashville or Tampa Bay!

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